• Jasmyn
  • 29 October 1989
  • Free State
  • jasmyn@jasmynartist.co.za

  I would like to share more of myself and my heart with my audience, as well as my experience and story behind each song. I am passionate and excited about the language of lyrics and melody. I believe music is the language that everyone understands. My dream is that my music will be a light in the dark for someone, and to touch their heart and soul deeply, giving new hope, inspiration and love. Music has a huge influence on people! People also have a quest for inspiration, hope, love, excitement and so much more. It is my intention to offer music with inspirational lyrics in the hope it will prompt people to think a little more deeply about the meaning of our existence.

Jy wens jy kon se

During 2011 Jasmyn’s debut album “Jy wens jy kon sê”, was released. There are 13 songs on the album, which 7 are in Afrikaans and 6 in English. The album ranges from light classical music to pop, Celtic and contemporary music. The African Choir, Impulse and the choir Voices Plus from the University of Johannesburg acts in two of the songs, and give the music a deeper dimension, and rich nuances of South African culture. Thanks to the support of the team, the producer, Johan Heystek and MMX Studios, the product was excellent.

Agt keer opstaan

During 2012 Jasmyn launch her second album “Agt keer opstaan” with producers like Dirk Van Niekerk from Noted Music and Johan Kelber. This is an easy listening album and can compete with names like Taylor Swift and Kelly Clarkson. It’s a modern album with a message of encouragement. There are 15 tracks on the album, of which 11 are original works.

Brief oor die see

Hercules & Jasmyn are a phenomenal duo and plan to turn the music industry upside down with the introduction of their new light classical , rock and contemporary infused album. The album features multiple – well known international hits delivered in Hercules and Jasmyn’s unique style. Also, there are excellent original numbers that add to the variety of the album. “Brief oor die see” caters for a wide range of ages and music listeners.


Jasmyn was born in the Free State, and grew up on a farm just outside Oranjeville. She considers it a privilege to have been able to grow up as a child at one with nature. During her final year of school (2008), she realized that singing was her passion, although the idea of entertaining with her singing certainly was not a concept she had yet embraced. That only changed the day she gave her heart to God, and thereafter began the pursuit of her dreams of a singing career. The idea of pure entertainment was a thing of the past, and her new goal was to carry a message to her listeners.

Her singing career kicked off in 2011 when doors miraculously opened and she released 3 cd’s in a period of only 4 years. During this time she won the "Eurovision OGAE Rest of the World" s "Face vs Voice" competition which was judged by several judges from around the world. She also won the prize to attend the Eurovision Competition in Dusseldorf in 2011 where she was the opening act.

Back in South Africa, she has shared the stage with artists to the likes of Rina Hugo, Natasha Joubert and Joe Niemand in the Hallelujah Gospel Gala. In October 2011 Jasmyn performed at the production VAMT – Vonk Afrikaans Music Awards, where she was classified as the “surprise of the evening.” Jasmyn’s work been associated with world-class local musicians such as Mauritz Lotz and Vinnie Henrico.


  My bookings are not limited, I will perform where ever you want me to, as long as good music is appreciated  

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Hier binne my 2012

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Agt keer opstaan 2012

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